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I will show you how I went from zero income to over $10,000 per month – in the junk hauling business

Junk Hauling Business is Economy-Proof.

Only pay wages/expenses when you complete work

  • No Franchise Fee
  • No Overhead
  • No Perishables
  • No Office Space

There is always a need for junk hauling in America.

During a recession cleanup bank owned properties.

I will show you how to get Bank contracts, I do it for you. During a recession there are thousands of foreclosed homes in every area. During the last recession million of homes were lost. Someone has to clean them up and maintain them.

During a strong/growing economy cleanup new construction sites.

I will show you how to get Contractors to give you jobs, I do it for you. During growth/strong economy, there are thousands of jobs that need to be cleanup on a weekly basis.

I started my junk hauling business in 2007. When I started, I started with no money, no truck, no equipment. I was soon able to buy a dump truck and I got most of my equipment for free from junk hauling jobs.

Between 2007 – 2011, my little junk hauling business would cleanup 80-120 properties per month. Each properties invoice was between $1,000 – $1,500. In Los Angeles there were 10,000 foreclosures per month.

In other words, I would receive about 1% of the potential cleanup jobs that were available.


Since 2012, the economy was recovering. I adjusted my marketing and advertisement to get construction cleanup jobs.

I used an email blast to reach contractors and offer my junk hauling services. Easy right! Yes, I already have the advertising/marketing/landing pages that are proven winners. I will do it for you.

Once we proved to our clients that we are honest, hardworking and trustworthy, they offer us more and more work. We receive more work orders than my crews can do, so I sometimes turn down work.


Get started today with a 15-page website for only $97.00. Your website will be optimized with all your services and information.
For the next 11 months you will receive the following.

  • 12 fully optimized blog posts/ month
    Value $300.00 per month – $3,600/ year
  • 4 YouTube videos/ month
    Value $100.00 per month – $1,200/ year
  • 8 Facebook posts/ month
    Value $200.00 per month – $2,400/ year
  • 24 tweets a month
    Value $79 per month – $978/ year
  • Free 2nd website (hauling website only) after we discover a profitable niche.
    Value $2500
  • Include 1 hour consultation per month with me -Eddie Zubia. We will strategize the best way to grow your business and brainstorm the next logical step for your marketing.
    Value $85 per month – $1,020.00/ year

Total Value $14, 198.00

You are getting a Total Value of $14,198 for only 11 monthly payments of $397.00

After the 12th month, you will own a very healthy website, with hundreds of post, all with optimized keyword phrases and cross-linked with your social media. I do it all for you. The website will bring you leads on a daily basis. You may even sell advertisement on your website to earn extra money from your traffic.

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