A Recession will hit soon, are you ready for it?

A Recession will hit soon, are you ready for it?

It has been 10 years after the financial catastrophe, which history always finds a way to repeat its self. 

There is no need to keep looking the other way, a recession is about to hit. 2018 marks the 10-year mark of the last financial catastrophe we had in the housing market. There is no way we can avoid a financial crisis, but we can do is make money during a financial crisis. During the decline of the market, there are lots of homes that are lost to the bank due to payment issues. This is the best opportunity you have to make money in foreclosed homes. Make money by removing junk and cleaning up the empty home. There are lots of money making opportunities, it is just getting that head start.

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We love cleaning out trash from foreclosed homes

We love cleaning out trash from foreclosed homes

There are lots of junk hauling business owners that have not got with it yet. Foreclosed homes are the quickest way to get your money flowing in bundles. Don’t just be a maid cleaning service, but remove actual trash. There is no need to just minimize your service to a small cleaning job. Start removing actual trash out of the foreclosed home for more money.

There are far too many foreclosed homes that need the junk to be removed and the entire house to be spotless. You can apply both cleaning service and junk removal service. Like the saying “kill two birds with one stone”. You and your team are already going to the property, it is best to make more money for a little more work.

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Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts Are They Way To Go

Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts

Cleaning contracts are the way to clean out foreclosed homes.

Foreclosed homes are a great way to make quick money. There can be multiple services applied to Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts. You can offer deep cleaning, junk removal, furniture removal, pool clean up, yard removal, debris removal and many more.

Who needs your cleaning service?

Reo listings agents, loan servicing companies, asset companies and banks looking for foreclosure cleaners. They are always looking for backup contractors to be put on their system as a backup.

The time to get into the REO cleaning business is now; today.

It is best time to start your junk removal not til there is a need for it. Get into foreclosure cleanup contracts now is because nobody is getting into the business. By the time others notice there is money in REO properties you will be steps ahead of all of them.

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Dont wait for the next recession to pass you by

There is no denying it we are overdue for a bad recession.

Ten years ago we had our last recession, and the previous one before that was in 1988, ten years before that one.

Since 1998 we have had 2 recessions and 2 booming markets. And if you read history about the recession. Before the great recession of 1930 were the roaring 20’s.

There is no denying it there is a pattern here, there needs to be a plan to action to make money during that time. Banks are typically a place to look at. Banks are going to have an overload of foreclosed homes that need clean up and junk removal service. What better way than to do start getting started before the recession hits.

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Remove Junk During A Bad Recession

Upcoming Crash In The Housing Market No Problem

Own a truck?

Do you have a junk removal team that can remove junk in any type of setting?

If you said yes in both, it is a great time to expand your junk removal business. There are lots of opportunities to make money while the economy is down. There are many homes lost during a recession, and lots of junk to remove. There are many foreclosed homes that need the full clean up service. There is a need for furniture removal, deep clean up, and yard removal services. There is no telling how much trash you will be able to pull out of there.

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Need To Make Money During The Bad Times?

Are you ready to make money when the next housing market crash?

There is a great way to pull in the right amount of cash when the housing market has declined. At the moment the housing market is flat-lined, since our last crash in 2016.

I can tell you with certainty that the real estate market will crash again.  Are you ready for the next real estate crash?  You can make a lot of money if you prepare yourself for the next real estate crash.

Here is a great video on how to start a REO foreclosure clean up business.

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Cleveland New Legislation For Foreclosed Homes

Obtain a list of all of the recently foreclosed homes in your area. The city of Cleveland has made it legislation that requires $15,000 foreclosure bonds on vacant houses and vacant commercial properties. The reason why Cleveland wants to take that initiative is due to the last crash that left many homes out for a good minute. Foreclosed homes will need a good clean up and security before they get back on the market. With the insurance bond that is required can be used for any type of repairs or cleaning that is needed. Board up and fence up is also a service option. The banks and asset companies won’t deny it, they need the work done and with this new legislation, they will have the money to cover the costs. So how do you obtain a list of foreclosed properties that have foreclosure bond? There are ways to obtain a list.

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Take Pictures of The Junk Before Your Dump

Document Certain Parts of REO properties when doing a cleanup job.

Clean out the entire property once you get the green light.

But before you get the green light, you need to document the following:

  • Document the condition of the property
  • Document the debris that is in the property
  • Document what is and what is not at the property

When we say a document is to take enough pictures. Take pictures inside the property and inside the loaded truck. Concrete debris is much bulkier and heavier, so those will be outside. Take pictures of different dimensions so there is no miss calculation of debris.

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Start To Remove Furniture and Junk From Foreclosed Home

Starting up your own REO cleaning company is a major key.

There is a chance you can clean out foreclosed properties with little money to start. There are so many houses out there that are bank owned and need a good clean up. REO properties have backyards that are going to need a grass cut or branch removal. Banks and lenders are in desperate need of a reliable team that can remove all furniture from the home. They are going to need a trustful team that can clean up without damaging or stealing property. REO properties shouldn’t be hard to clean, and making a good use out of the trucks and tools that you may have stored away.

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Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs Become a leader

Clean Out Homes For Extra Cash

Working on REO Foreclosed Homes To Make Extra Cash

Make extra cash by cleaning out foreclosed homes.

Remove bulky furniture that is no longer wanted in the home. Big items such as refrigerators, old televisions, and old mattresses. Who knows how much junk is loaded in the home. After fully cleaning out the furniture out the house, it is time to deep clean the home. Clean out the floor and carpet if there is any. Clean out all of the windows indoor and outdoor. Some of the brokers need board up and fencing, start considering looking for workers that can do that for you. If you can board up with plywood yourself, even better.

Brokers are going to need you to clean out the pool if there is a dirty pool. Remove all of the electric cables hanging in the walls. Remove all types of grass and trees in the yard area.

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