Dont Fear Losing Your Business Anymore

Don’t get to age 50 and lose your company as many business owners have.

The economy and the way businesses are going, you are able to see many business owners close up left to right. The reason why many think they are in cool waters, it is because the business is doing well. When there is a decline that is when all hell breaks loose.

There is too much money at stake if you are only looking at one way to make money. There are many ways to increase the chances of never losing your business to the economy. One of the many ways to make money is REO property services. Services such as foreclosure clean up, foreclosure furniture removal, foreclosed homes yard removal, general repairs, and many more.

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Dont let a foreclosed home slow your money making abilities

Mortgage Meltdown No Worries

A great time to get into is the junk hauling business is before foreclosed homes plummet.  A junk hauling business is an evergreen business.  I made a lot of money cleaning out foreclosed homes during the mortgage meltdown of 2008. As the economy was recovering the REO Foreclosure Cleaning business was not as profitable as it was during the recession.

I told my crews that I was going to start doing something else.  I looked at them – they looked at me.  And I said ok.  I started a new marketing strategy to target California contractors.  With very little efforts; I got three contractors that desperately needed our services.  We started doing junk hauling services for them.  In a short time, they were using us for all kinds of services that we could provide.

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Property Preservation During A Recession

Property Preservation During A Recession

Don’t lose money when a recession hits, and make money throughout that time. I have built a successful property preservation business that has generated so many projects. By the time the recession hit in 2008, I was rolling in the paper. If you wanted to start a foreclosure trash out the company in 2008 it was too late by then.  I already had 25 people working for me and knew all of the asset managers, REO listing agents and I was cleaning out 125 properties per month.  In addition, were boarding up REO foreclosed properties, fencing REO bank owned properties, and so much more work that our clients always had a special request.

Don’t wait till the last minute if you want to start a property preservation business.

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Foreclosed Homes Are A Great Money Making Source

Remove junk from foreclosed homes that were lost to the bank.

There are far too many people that start to lose their home when a recession hits. What ends up happening is there are lots of foreclosed homes that need the work during that time.

If a recession hits don’t feel alarmed, you will cash in money for sure. You just need to make sure your niche in the junk removal business is set. You want to make sure to always prepare yourself for possible junk removal projects you can do even if the economy is not doing so well.

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Make Junk During The Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner, is your business up to par for the big break?

There is no looking back, the holidays are almost here. There is gonna be days where you won’t receive any junk removal jobs. But that should not be the case for your business. You will get a chance to work on projects right before the holidays that will make you money. The holidays take a toll on many peoples’ wallets, but junk needs to be removed before, during, and after the holidays. There is a need for junk removal during the holidays since many families throw parties. Those parties fill up trash cans that need to be emptied out. After the holidays you will have lots of contractors that put their projects on break. They are going to need your help, but are you available enough for them?

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E-waste and Electronic Recycling For Cash

Electronic Waste and Electronic Recycling We Take Both

Every American homeowner has lots of unwanted E-waste in the home. Sometimes it is hard to recognize what is junk and what is not. There are many of us that think there is still some use in the electronics they save. As the years pass technology gets better, and older electronics stop being used. For example, bulky speakers are no longer in. We have smaller speakers such as Alexa that can do the work of a speaker and more. We like space, we like quality, and the more technology evolves the more e-waste we obtain.

What is E-Waste?
• Refrigerators, Microwaves
• Cell phones and home phones
• Printers, copiers, and fax machines.
• CD/ DVD and Blue-ray players.
• Computer elements such as keywords, monitors, and more.
• Computers, and computer screens.
• Televisions from all shapes and sizes.
• All shapes and sizes too.

What can your E-waste team recycle?
Almost anything.  Find a safe and simple electronic solution with green projects. We typically check out if the item is working properly. If it is we are able to list the item for free on classified websites. Local classified websites are a perfect source to recycle. Websites such as Craigslist, Offer Up, Let Go, and Facebook For Sale section. Interested in setting up an electronics recycling drive? Waste Management can help with that. Find out more about how we can help you create an electronics recycling program by clicking here.

Make Extra Cash In Foreclosed Properties

Know how much junk haulers make over a week. If you are a junk hauler you are going to want to make your money grow.

Here is a great video for junk haulers.  I have seen several videos on making money.  This is one of the best videos for junk haulers to make their money grow.

Junk haulers can make a lot of money in any economy. If the economy is up or down junk haulers will make money.  Junk haulers can make money during a recession.  Junk Haulers during a recession should focus their efforts on working cleaning out foreclosed properties. For more information on making money during a bad economy please click here for full video. 

Charge The Following In Your Junk Removal Business

How much should you charge?

If you are a motivated junk removal business that would like to make good money and adequate pay. What are the following ways you can formulate your bid for a job?

Here are the following things you should consider:

  1. Size– Typically you charge on the size of the load. Most junk haulers charge between $30-$50 for each cubic yard.
  2. Weight– What is the weight of the load? Depending on the weight could mean more work for you loading in in to the truck.
  3. Cleanup– Consider offering an hourly rate for cleanup service.
  4. Location Of Items– At times you will get times right off the curb. Other times you may have to do a little more to get to the items. If the items you are trying to get are far deep in the attic or basement, you should consider charging additional costs.
  5. Bag or Box– If you have to bag or box items consider charging an additional fee.
  6. Dump fees– Consider adding an extra charge if you are asked to haul away a particularly heavy load.
  7. Rush Service– Last minute junk removal services.
  8. After hours-When starting your business, think what your normal hours look like.

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Set Up Types of Business Entity To Setup a Foreclosure Clean Out Business

Foreclosure Clean Out Business To Make More Cash

Set Up Types of Business Entity To Setup a Foreclosure Clean Out Business

How awesome would it be to start a business where you can do multiple services? There are actually many businesses that need your services. Businesses such as banks, lenders, asset companies, and many more need a good junk removal business to do all of their work.

Types of Business Entities to Setup a Foreclosure Clean Out Business for banks.

You Are Also Going to need the following besides the business structure of your Foreclosure REO Trashout Property Preservation Business.

Business Name – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

Register Business – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

Federal Tax ID No. – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

State Tax ID No. – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

Permits City Business – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

Bank Account – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

Trademarks, copyrights or patents – Trashout REO Foreclosure Cleanout Business

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Remove Trash From REO Properties

Working on Cleaning Out REO Properties?

Clean out foreclosed homes for more cash.

There are foreclosed homes that are fully furnished which need a good clean up. There are many homes that are in desperate need of a good clean up.  Foreclosed homes are by far the most neglected homes out there. Current tenants leave the house as is because they might not have a new home or they just simply know about the eviction coming. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in foreclosed homes to clean out and the tenants are still enjoying the pool. We make sure to always provide our cleaning services if the property is safe to do so. If there is an eviction we will make sure to involve law enforcement to get them out. Typically, we don’t just toss their junk and furniture out. We make sure to give them a 30-day extension to pick up their stuff at a storage facility.

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